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كورس تفصيلي شرح اداة البين تول في الفوتوشوب من ديجيتال توترس

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
كورس مفصل للبين تول في الفوتوشوب, كورس شرح البين تول في الفوتوشوب, شرح اداة البين تول في الفوتوشوب

الكورس مقدم لكم من موقع ديجيتال توترس العالمي والمعروف لدى كل المصممين
النسخة المستخدمة في الشرح هي CC لعام 2014 مع توفر الملفات المستخدمة في الشرح

وصف للكورس بالانكليزي

Photoshop's pen tool allows for a lot of precision when it comes to defining very specific selections, masks, line work, and vector shapes and can actually save you lot of time getting the results that you want when creating them.

We'll begin covering the basic functionality of the pen tool by learning how to set anchor points to create a path. Following this we'll see how we can adjust the placement of anchor points in addition to their bezier handles to dictate the direction and curvature of a path by using the direct selection and convert point tools. From here we'll learn how to apply a selection, stroke, and fill to paths.

As we continue on we'll also discuss how we can use the pen tool to create vector based shapes. Along the way we'll also discuss how to save paths, use path operations, and work with the freeform pen tool. After watching this tutorial you'll be better equipped to use the pen tool on your own projects with confidence.


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